Thursday, 6 January 2011

what happened on the scenes and what made it suspenseful 'step father'

Before the audience is introduced to any of the characters they are let on to some information about the household. In the beginning
of the film there is a guy in his car outside the house with a checklist, the audience are shown the checklist that an appointment has been canceled. This gives the audience a hint that something isn't right. there is the use of false Plato's within the film. At the beginning when the son Michael comes home and there is a welcoming party, at one point Michael is told to go and meet his new step father in the basement. as the audience are already aware of the killings done before by the step father they think that he is going to get killed as well, and so they prepare themselves for that, however he doesn't get killed. So that's just the suspense created there, through false Plato's. Another thing is the Mis-en-scene, Susan's sister is wearing a red jacket while trying to take out the umbrella from the pool.The red jacket connotes danger, that something is going to happen. It also creates the suspense, having the knowledge on something that is going to happen and not being able to do anything about it. The props that the audience see's are all sharp and dangerous, and in one scene where the basement is established there are locked cupboard it suggests secrecy. and a basement itself isn't really a nice place!

Another thing that creates the suspense is the scene where the killer is changing the way he looks. the audience get a panned view of his toiletry equipment., and now these are all sharp and dangerous objects, again creates a sense of suspense. The fact that he is changing his identity allows the audience to see the contrast with normality and "disturbed" people. A major thing that creates even more suspense is the music. it low and deep and has high pitched notes from a piano but at a very low sound. It gathers the tension and creates the suspense. Also in the beginning when the killer is at the landing he switches the CD player on Christmas carols are playing. this is something that is normal, however that changes when we see the horrible titling of the camera of the dead boy. it alterd reality. Also with the camera work there are point of view shots. the audience can see through the killers eyes. because the audience can see through the killers eyes, they know who's going to get killed next. its like a hint to when a killing scene is coming, this really creates the suspense.

The camerawork and the music i think will have an infulence on me when it comes to the process of my opening scene, because these two really do create the suspense in a thriller and helps establish the genre.

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