Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Title sequence analysis

All films have a title sequence, in the start of the movie or at the end, either way there is always a title sequence! We were given the task of watching an opening scene and noting down what were included within a title sequence. A title sequence just basicalyl consists of all the peoples names that have helped build the film.

A title seqeunce has:
- The actors names
- Directors
- Distrbutors
etc.  For example teh move spider man starts off with a title sequence :  
We were looking at the opening of the film 'Momento'. This movie has a typical way of introducing the title sequence in the begining of the film.
This consists of: 
- Distributor
- Production company
- Director
- Title of the movie
- Less famous characters
- Casting director
- Music
- Editor
- Production Designer
- Director of photography
- Co-producers
- Co-executive producers
- Production
- Screen play
-Director (directors name is viewed twice)

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