Tuesday, 25 January 2011

StepFather review

In my opinion i thought step father was an interesting film with a lot of intense and excitement. The film has created a lot of suspense and tension. However, watching this film i liked multiple scenes.
  1. The pan on the shaving equipment shows a lot of attention. When he was shaving at first it looked normal but when he cut himself shaving and the cameras focused on that i thought otherwise. When he moved to the kitchen and turned the stereo on and Joly music started playing we thought it was a normal Christmas. Then a tilt on a table shows a young boy dead.
  2. The scene when they are at the old ladys house was shocking in way. When the door bell rang and the old lady opened the door there was no one there it shocked us all as the audience knows that it was him that rang the bell. Also, the action with cat jumping across the living room created a shock.
  3. When the son was in the basement fixing his phone while looking through the freezer his girlfriend ran to help and called his name. In the mean time the step father was in the kitchen however when the girlfriend looked up and saw him it was shocking. 

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