Saturday, 15 January 2011

How is suspense created?

 The Step Father was released in 2009. Its a thriller. Within this film there are many different techniques used to create the sense of suspense. first of all the major thing that creates the suspense for the audience is the non-diagetic sounds, the music! Its slow and has high pitched notes from the piano with an echo to it. Creates a  creepy tone, also the carol silent night being played in an awakward tone is another thing that creates the suspense. Allows the audience to get themselves prepared for a thrilling time. Looking at the camera work; when the film is starting there is a slow panning shot of all the killers toiletries all lined up, and these are sharp and dangerous objects. so the slow pan of this creates suspense because its allowing the audience to take in what they are seeing clearly and take note that something isn't right here. Through the Mis-en-scene is the props, the sharp and dangerous tools create a sense of suspense. At one point when the killer is down stairs and has finished with his coffee the audience gets a view of the sink, one side with plates and mugs and then slowly moving to the other side theres knifes hammers and daggers covered in blood. A sense of normality and murder being contrasted there. Again this scene shows suspense. Also within the Mis-en-scene is the character himself, him changing his hair colour and contacts and shaving gets the audience suspicious. That's another thing that helps create the suspense.

What lies beneath is a super natural thriller. It also has many aspects of the genre being conveyed to create suspense. Looking at the camera work it has a slow panning of the character at a medium shot, the steady pace of the camera movements creates suspense, its slow and gets the audience automatically ready for something to happen. The non-diagetic sounds, the music, it has a violin and piano constantly playing at a low tone, gives a sense of creepiness. The Mis-en-scene, looking at what the character is doing after her bath, shes using the hair dryer, when it switches off and she tries to out it back on she gets an electric shock, that startles the audience, another way of creating suspense. Also in the beginning of the clip theres a face that pops up, again that gets the audience freaked out, gets them to think more things will pop out from the blue.

Momento is a psychological thriller. things that make suspenseful; one of them is the camera work. The close ups of the blood, bullet and the charatcers face with blood on it. This makes it suspenseful, it gets the audience thinking that's something is defiantly not right here. When it comes to the Mis-en-scene, the blood on the wall also creaes suspence. The fact that everything goes backwards it allows the audience to see what has happened and expect more things like this to happen during the film.

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