Monday, 31 January 2011


The audience at a general point are the main thing within the media industry. What is looked at specifically about the audience is the product or film being aimed at a specific group.

There were 31 suspense movies released in the year 2009, and altogether throughout the whole of the year 527 films were released! Action, animation and comedy are really popular genres, the UK Box office accounted for 52% of these genres in 2009. These genres are targeting both female and male audiences. people even at an older age like to go and watch animation, or they go along with younger siblings.

Thriller movies accounted for only 4% of the UK Box office, i think this is because its certified for a specific age group. Not female audience's prefer them, and not everyone is so fond of them!

Looking at this diagram of what genre goes out to what type of audience , you can see that:
- women mostly prefer romance, drama and comedy.
- male prefer sci-fi, action, crime and horror.

But both like comedy. Looking at suspense; its kind of in the middle, but not in the middle. Its not really a favorite!

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