Thursday, 27 January 2011

Film openings

The opening of a film is the major part of the movie, setting the story, establishing the characters and a hint to whats going to be coming up! According to Director Jean Jacques Beineix starting with an 'instant arousal' is taking a huge risk. This is when the movie itself starts in a really exciting way. The director takes the risk of not being able to arouse the audience during the film, also the fact that the film has started in such a big way there will obviously be questions arised by the audience, the risk there is the director not being able to answer those questions.

A good beginning will let the audience onto a few things but not enough so they can stay engaged with the film. They will want to know more, and what makes it even better, is that once the movie starts; the film itself instructs the audience to watch (if its a really good opening). Critic stanley Kauffmann describes the classic opening, consisting of establishing shot of new your city, then a fast pan going up a taal buiding, which then stops at a window, and then zoomz into the the office, and goes past the reception area and into the private of office of the main character. This process of shooting, has stated where the setting is, where the location of the story and who it involves.

Kyle Coopers title Sequence is very impressive and really effective. It tunes the audience in, gets the audience prepared of what they should be expecting from the film itself.

Director Orsen wales wanted to acheive alot through his opening sequence. He wanted to plundge the audience right into the movie, making them want to carry on watching.

"A favourite trick of Film noir" is when a film starts with the ending and works through to show the begining.

In the film 'The Shining' suspense is created by the use of the camera works. its a panning of the car from a birds eye view. It seems like something is following them, and the audience may get the sence that the car is heading the wrong direction. Also the music tends to create even more suspensse!

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