Sunday, 23 January 2011

Introduction to camera

Last lesson we got to see what we would be working with to be developing our films. We finally got see the camera and its capability and its functions. In Bernard's lesson we were introduced on how to be familiar on the basics of using a camera. Also, we were shown other features:

  1. How to place the battery and removing it safely.
  2. How to insert the memory cards.
  3. How to use the tripod and placing the camera on it.
  4. How to record and other features that we need to inquire.
  5. The right way to film with different techniques.
During the lesson we were given our memory cards to were we would be storing our films and shots, the memory cards had each group the numbers ours been 33. We were given a scenario we received 'THE CARD GAME' which we had to make interesting. At first I thought it would be difficult but remembering other films to do with poker i insisted we would use special lighting and use ECU on the eyes to give more emotion. However, i had to first acknowledge what my group came up with first.

These picture resemble what I thought of first.
By the next lesson we had planned out exactly what shots to take and we camera techniques to use. 
However, it didn't go as planned as we spent shooting 3 scenes in 1hr 30min. At first we haven't realized  the limit. The reason we took long was to prefect every detail. This is good as we will learn from our mistake in our practice and to be sure we don't fall in the same path when we start shooting our project. Also, worst to come when we returned from our break we found that someone turned all our special lighting off we didn't thought it will affect our filming until we had to edit in final cut pro. We came to see that the shots we took after the break were to dark and were devastated to see this.

During editing we used different shots to fill one scene. We used editing to make certain scenes slow motion. However we didn't have time to finish our practice film. From this we learned to manage time more efficient.

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