Wednesday, 5 January 2011

detailed analysis of thriller clip (opening)

 Memento is a psychological thriller. We can tell this by looking at what happens in first two minutes of the movie- everything is happening backwards. There are many close ups used on props such as glasses, photo, gun. This, as part of Mise en Scene gives audience room to wonder what could have happened in the scene, therefore this itself creates suspense. Audience is given some information (by these techniques) which then gets them involved in the movie.

Editing is quite slow, and he whole scene is played
backwards. It speeds up towards the beginning, when a lot is happening- a man is shot. This is a gripping moment and makes audience feel much more interested, and leaves them with unexplained things, which make them want to continue watching the movie.
Non-digetic music is very slow and quite sad, making the scene even more emotional. It adds a lot to the editing as it makes its pace slow, again- giving audience space for their questions, creating suspense.
Titles appear on the beginning, there’s a lot of them, which also slows down the pace of the scene, at the same time there’s a extreme close up of the photograph. This also creates suspense, as audience is waiting for what’s going to happen and for the action to take place.

It inspires me because the pase is very slow and then suddenly something big happens, audience is left with questions in their mind.

What lies beneath
It’s a supernatural thriller, it’s very easy to tell because of variety of techniques used to create suspense.  Non-digetic music plays, this itself it very sinister. There’s no dialogue- the main character doesn’t say anything, making the audience focus on the movie as something unexpected can happen.
When the woman is sitting in the bath, camera is slowly tracking towards her, creating suspense on the audience, as it feels like something is coming towards her and almost like something big might happen.

when the character is in the bath, camera tracks towards her.
The pace varies, when woman jumps out of the water it seems like it’s really fast and then it slows down, then is speeds up when she gets electric shock and slows down again. the pace is going up and down to create suspense.
The lighting as part of mise en scene is very dark,  when the titles appear the background is black. The props used are usual bathroom objects such as bath or a hair dryer, at first it does not seem to be dangerous but when women gets out of the water or gets electric shock, audience knows that something is about to happen.
The titles come in and out of view. Audience does not get a lot of information, this then makes the movie gripping as they’re waiting for something to happen.

It inspires be because it as quite super-natural atmsphere, as something is about to happen. information given helps audience to figure out something bad is coming up.

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