Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Intertexuality just basically means that there are visual referencing between two films. There are aspects of one film scene in another film. This could be things like the Mis-en-scene, the props or the actual setting of the scene maybe similar.
In one of my lessons i had to watch the famous scene from the film 'pycho', the shower scene and see in other films what aspects of that scene they consisted of.

Ok! So looking at the film 'What lies beneath', I watched the clip where the male character carries the female main character into the bathroom and places her in the bath, and she is unable to move; she's paralysed. The bathroom is white and its got a shower and tub, we can see there that the Mis-en-scene the actual setting which is the bathroom is the same as the scene from psycho. There is what we would call Intertexuality, due to the similar setting of the scene. 

Another film is 'Fatal Attraction' . So i checked out the clip where the main male character rings at a door and a female character opens it, but she wont let him in and so breaks down the door and gets and starts chasing after her. Through the bathroom and kitchen and hall way. Ssimilar aspects here are again through the Mis-en-scene. they run into the bathroom, again which is all white, however they end up in the kitchen and what is the same thing here is the props. The big knife that is used to try and kill the male character by the female. A big knife is used to kill the woman in the shower scene in the 'psycho'. Again you can see the visual referencing there.

The film 'The Step Father' again has similarities through the Mis-en-scene. The main character runs up the stairs chasing the female character so he can kill her. She runs into the bathroom. Again the bathroom and its all white, same as the film 'Psycho'. Another things is that when the killer gets stabbed in the neck by the female character is that he falls into the bath and while falling grabs onto the shower curtain and there is a close up of the shower curtain clips breaking off one by one. This also happens in 'Psycho', she grabs onto the shower curtain and the clips one by one break off.

In a student thriller called 'Succubus' they also have similar aspects from the film 'Psycho'. The female character goes into the shower room while the male character is showering however he does not know that the other character is there. Again through the Mis-en-scene you can see similar aspects of the film 'Psycho'. Looking at the props she has a big knife, same as 'Psycho', and then stabbing the male character in the shower, same as 'psycho' , and the violence of the stabbing is also kind if similar to 'psycho'.


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