Sunday, 23 January 2011

A game of cards

In one of my lessons i was introduced to the actual camera that i will be using while making my own thriller. To get used to this EXPENSIVE piece of equipment me and my group were given a short task of creating a small scene that has the genre; thriller included. We were chosen to do a short clip of a card game in a thrilling way.

I have to say me and my group didn't really do so well. We were given one and half hours to create this small scene, but we didn't manage to finish because we ended up trying to be 'perfectionists'. We spent too long and trying to make two scenes look really good and didn't realise we only had that short amount of time.  One thing i defiantly learnt in that lesson was to keep an eye on the time, and also not too spend too long on just one shot. Another problem we had was the lighting. After shooting our scenes we then uploaded it onto the Mac's and we ended up having too many scenes shot in shadow. So that wasn't helpful at all.

Also another problem was, that the acting wasn't serious enough, i myself and my peer kept on bursting out laughing in the middle of shooting, so we have to take the filming bit a bit more seriously.

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