Thursday, 27 January 2011

Introduction to Sound + Editing (+livetype)

Editing and adding sound to our piece was crutail. Editing is my weakest area, I must say. When doing quick cuts I get confused very easily, so editing's not my best thing to do. Even though we had a variaty of shots to choose from, we worked our way and tried to make our piece as best as we could. I think that once it was done, it didn't look as bad as we expected it to. We thought it may look silly because of the change in lighting, but it could be used as showing the "bad characters". We used many different shots and camera works such as: CU, ECU, POV, over the shoulder and tracking. Therefore we had plenty to choose from and make our piece more interesting.

I learned that Final Cut Pro has milions of sound tracks, and we can find anything we want. Due to short amount of time we were given to play with the sounds and apply it to our own ones, we only used two sound effects:
  • heart beat where players pick up their cards, this we thought can increase the tension
  • non-digetic music (bass playing) to make the clip more interesting throught watching, it also sets the thrilling atmosphere.
We're also able to mix sound together, and add them on the timeline, where we can see the film (so secs match).

We also tried to mute the orginal sound that has been recorded through camera, but it seemed not to work. We can hear us speaking in some of the clips, it's not too loud, but annoying and unprofessional. We'll do it next time!

editing screen
Live Type
This allows us to apply writing into our film. There are thousands of font types we can choose from. We can animate them, make them move, fly around, jump, bounde in and out... anything!!

This is what LiveType looks like

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