Saturday, 22 January 2011

Title sequence

Evey film in opening scene that has a title sequence but not all the title sequence are similar nevertheless the same order or length. there are title sequence that only include the distributor and the production. these films like to get straight to the point for the likes of certain audience. the films with short title sequence like Momento get straight into the movie.

However, some films include a lot of information on their title sequence from distributor to costume design.
Here's a list of the information that is included in the title sequence:
  • Distributor
  • Production
  • The Title of the film
  • Main actors
  • Name of stars + actors
  • Casting director
  • Music
  • Editor
  • Production design
  • D.O.P- Director Of Photography
  • Executive producer
  • Costume design
  • etc...
Most inspiring would have to be the longer title sequence because it gives respect to all the people struggled to make this film happen and to make it big. Also, it would make them fill that they were the reason this film is successfully even if they are the costume design. however, the shorter title sequence like Momento would be good if like your movie to get straight to the point but i would of picked the longer title sequence for the reason mentioned.

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