Friday, 8 April 2011


Overall, we've learned how to:

  • work in a group. 

  • use camera, we've improved our shots. They're more stable, straight and much more prossefional :

also to use focus:

comparing to where the small detail was in full focus:

  • use sound 
the first piece we made only had two sounds, which didn't really fit with the film. 

comparing to where we used digetic sounds, as well as non digetic music which created tension.

  • our editing (split screen screen)

  • plan and organise our work. 

  • titles
comparing to:

First of all working in a group was something that has improved on a large scale. we managed to share and take in ideas, which we then commented on in an appropriate way.

Our camera skills have improved majorly, form not knowing how to use a camera all the way to making a thriller opening. Our skills on getting shots like the close up and extreme close ups into action has really improved. 

Learning how to use the apple mac computers was hard, and using the mac softwares that help edit our films was extremely difficult. But we managed to over come that problem and got used to it.

Blogging was a major issue, we had to get into the hang of, and regularly post things on the wall, but again we managed to get into the habit of it. 

When we did the first perliminary we had a lot of problems. The lighting was really bad we had too much shadow, compare that to our final it was much better. However we did have soem darkness but to give the sense of fear. Another problem we had with the perliminary was the focus. when we were filming the cards, it wasn't clear. With the thriller we had no problems.  

The perliminary had no titles because we didn't have enough time to do that, but with the thriller we had all the titles rolling. Talking of timing, with the perliminary we had a lot of problem with organising our time. we ended up filming one shot too many times. However with the actual filming of the thriller we were organised and took on responsabilities of how long we would spend on a scene 

Another problem we had was the sound, with the perliminary we had a lot of background nose, and we didn't know how to get rid of that. whereas with the thriller we used final cut pro to get that sorted.

Finally the best thing about this whole project is the fact that we got our ideas into reality, and it was us students that did it!!!!!!

Thursday, 7 April 2011


                 Looking at the costume of the character, she has an apron on and obviously you can tell she is a woman. To say what this character represents is clearly defined by her costume, she represents a house wife. To compare this representation to another thriller i would use 'Psycho'. 

This a mid shot of the female character from 'Psycho' whats similar about this to the image above; where the female character from 'Black Widow'  is the cleanliness. These two images show the neat and tidiness of a stereotyped woman.

The differences are that the female character in 'Psycho' is the victim, which is a typical convention and within 'Black Widow' the female is the murderer.


This short film is a by some university students called 'Picnic'. This was uploaded onto YouTube about 2 years ago, and has had quiet some attention. 

You can tell this film is on a low budget and so they have gained their attention to their short film with the use for YouTube, their production company is probably themselves. They've created an account on YouTube, like a blog and have advertised their short film on this, theres a little bit about the group that have made the short the film as well, also there are other small films as well.  

They haven't really used a variety of things that can help promote their short film.  

Me and my group being part of a sixth and made out opening with the college, we are a low budget student video therefore it will be released on vimeo, it is also embedded on our blogs. It will also be showed in a cinema with otehr college peers watching, and it will also be released on DVD.

If me and my group wanted to go further with the disrtubuting of the film then we can use options like social networking sites.

We can promote our film on sites like facebook, twitter, bebo etc. Due to our film being certified at 15 and above alot of people on these sites are 15 and above, so there is a more wider chance of people seeing the film being advertised. 

Another way we can promote our film is events such as the film festivals.

Going to events like this or being invited to events like this gives us the chance for our film to be seen by big production and distributors. Because we are students we wouldn't have so much money to pay for big named distributors. 



Our film turned out to be hugely different to our prelim film. We put time in and received a great result an outstanding first film. I think we improved on all section especially editing.




Camera work



Using the video below


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Q4+5 How will you attract audience

The way we will attract our audiences to consider our different audience interest for example majority of teens these days join a social networking site, our older audience we would suggests large events.
We have to think BIG there is no point struggling making the film and aim for example only a site called vimeo however we would also think of using vimeo as we would try to catch every ones attention.

Social Networking sites:
Social networking sites are very affective towards publishing, so this was also our first idea because everyone in our age group has joined some what a social networking site. The large audience means more support which would lead to larger audience. Site like YouTube are also very affective as you can make a partnership with YouTube to promote your film and lead to a greater audience also in YouTube you can choose to create your own channel and allow viewers to watch your trailer or promotion video.

In class we found in YouTube a channel dedicated to an independent film called "My name is Jerry". The film had more attention then expected even though it was made by university students.


Events like film festival's which we also discoverd in class has a big role for the independent films.
What we could is get a whole lot of students with their films and make a big event that would benefit a lot of people including the students. This would help a lot in advertisement sector which we can include in magazines newspapers bus stops etc. The film festival have a lot of attention so this great enjoyment also for the people who are interested in independent films.

EVALUATION Q6 [part 2]

Today was amazing! I felt so pround watching our thriller on the big screen, it was so sudden and I thought "Oh my God, we made this!!" After watching about 50 thriller openings, I got more confident and I though out thriller was unique and stood out, because no one had simillar idea. Also, the feed back I got was very positive and the little things people said after watching- "oh I liked your one!". Screen on the Green is such a nice place, and the atmosphere was brilliant too, everyone was so excited, aplaused and laughed! What a great experience! :)

This is the feedback I got (apologise for sound in some of them!) :


We, as a sixth form college students have created piece of a low budged, indepentent movie. There's no way we can place our thriller into the real, cinema world. However, I think there are many things we can do, to distrubute our movie and address and attract our target audience.

  • Social Networking. Today,  almost everyone uses social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube, blogs and so on. We could advertise our movie by creating posters, which we will upload on our sites and send to friends and post, this way it can be seen my more and more people. We could also create trailer, which we again can post on Youtube, and can be seen my more people. We can create a page on facebook, similary to "London Shots Film Festival" ( , giving all the details and updated about our movie. We can also create a channel on youtube, where we can post our thriller, opening and updates about thriller.

I've found a good example of indepentend movie, called "My Name Is Jerry". There's a channel on Youtube (, with the trailer, special scenes and so on. They have a video of the actor talking about movie, encougaring audience to watch it. (

They also have a special way of advertising it. There's a little competition going on; audience should watch trailer or even the movie on DVD, they should film themselves acting, dressing and speaking the way Jerry does. Then upload the clip on youtube, and advertise their clip: via facebook, twitter, emial and so on.The winning number of views wins the contest and gets the prize. This is a good way of having fun, and brining audience into advertising the movie. We could do comething similar.

  • Film Festivals

Another example I found is a university student, making short films. These movies have won many awards in film festivals, such as "Best Short Film". They're screened in film festivals, and this way get the attention of audience interested in indepentend movies. The movies are uploaded on youtube, because they're short it can fit it two parts, there's also trailers for each movie. We could do the same, either post the movie or first few minutes. We can also arrange film festivals, such as London Independent Film Festival, London Short Film Festivals.  

  • Another good way could be screening the film in the cinema, we could rent one for one screening, invite family and friends to enjoy. We could advertise the event by social networking, posters in school and so on. If this idea fails due to problems wint renting the cinema, we could talk to college stuff if we could screen the movie in college, with people who are interested in it. More than that, we could screen more student movies, so we'll end up with "movie session".

Question 2

Real actors was not an option i don't think it was either suggested, so instead we had to use of what we were given we are media students selected randomly put together. We had fill the shoes of an adult and a married couple i wouldn't say it was hard but we lacked the experience. The way we played this roles are through our stereotypes of the gender of each adult.

so for example it would suit married men as the would fantasize there wife would be a normal housewife. This is seen in Black widow wheres the wife is at home doing the cleaning, choking and washing. The story could relate to olden films that stereotype wife's being at home with their clothes (uniform) apron slippers and dress also the husband comment when he gets home "honey I'm home" also fits the stereotype. This is from a movie called perfect housewife (i think it is also an independent film).

 The shots taken from Black widow is the character (widow) looking out the window as if she is trapped this can be compared to the film above stereotype wise that the wife's stay at home seems like prison. The M.E.S also can be compared to the film where the widow has an apron, slippers and dress.

Monday, 4 April 2011


We couldn't use real actors, we only had people in our group so we ended up with a teenager being an adult in the movie. However we represented practicular social group based on the stereotypes.

  • women: when the movie starts, the camera's tilting upwards and we see whan she's wearing. Part of Mise en Scene is costume, we thought about it carefully. Our character in wearing slippers, apron, dress... all of these are examples of what a houswife would wear at home.
(shots taken while camera tilts upwards)

  •  Before doing anything we represented women as the ones who are doing something, such as typical house work thing. The wife is cleaning the table (we added subtitles later on). This represents wousewifes as the ones who clean. The OVS shot and high angle clearly show us what the housewife is doing, and we're looking at her from the top, in a way it also gives her lowe status.

There are many thrillers which represent women in a similar way for example Psycho:

There's a mid shot on a woman doing something, we see what she's wearing. Both women (in Psycho and Black Widow) look neat, which represents them as taking care of the way they appear. Unlike in Psycho, we decided to put more attention to what the wife is wearing, as it is very important in the opening as the characters are introduced, and practicular social gropus are represented.