Tuesday, 25 January 2011

watching a bit of a classic

I've recently watched Lady Vanishes by Alfred Hitchcock. And I must admit- HITCHCOCK IS A GENIUS !!!

He creates suspence from the begining to the end !
I always thought suspense can be created because of what we've learned so far: lighting, music, costume.

I always thought old movies are a bit boring, becuase they don't have any special effects, aren't in coloour and simply aren't attention grabbing. But not the one I've watched!

I've tried to pick out some techniques that can create suspense, it tured out that it has completly different scheme than other thriller movies I've seen so far.

Hitchcock doesn't use any non-digetic music to create tension, he does not use low tone lighting, dark costumes and so on.
Instead he:
  • uses humor- there were some funny elements in the film within what character said to each other. This made to movie more preasuable to watch.
  • Camera work to create suspense: he gives audience information. this creates suspense because we see/know something that the character does not. For example a writing on a train window, which the characters didn't seem to notice.
  • the plot itself is mysterious: train, old lady missing, no one seems to see her, main characters are looking for her.
I loved this movie!! I highly, highly recommend it! Suspense masterpiece :)
here's a trailer, enjoy!

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