Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Planning of the Thriller!

In one of the lessons we started gathering ideas of what our 2 minute opening could be based on and a little storyline that can be developed within that opening. Well and truly me and the guys were completely blank!
After a while we cam up with a few ideas but they weren't really ideal for an opening.

(ideas what the thriller coudl be aboout)

(The final idea of our title sequence)

We then got some help from our teacher who gave us two really good ideas and we decided to go with one of them. You'll see the idea in the next  i do it will include our "lovely" presentation!!

After doing that we had to plan out what we're going to be filming and the location and when we would actually start filming. We just have to plan this out, we also had to do something called a pitch. So me and my group had to create a slide show with our idea and our production schedule and stuff like that, and within the next lesson we will be presenting it.

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