Sunday, 13 February 2011

Plannig the thriller movie.

We've seen enough, done enough. Now's the time to (finally) get to think about OUR movie. So me and my group have done planning, where we dropped the ideas we had and diccsussed them. This took the entire lesson, as it was a serious desicion. But we finally decided what we'll do. For each idea, we had to think about about would it be possible for us to make, where we could film this and so on. For example, we considered doing the opening backwards, like in Memento. But, we decided it's impossible to do for us, as for this we need action, something big to happen like an accident. For this, normal scene played backwards would be boring, and we want to avoid this. So this idea didn't work. Each of us came up with different idea, we had to listen to each other and remember that other people might now like our idea, as well as we might not like theirs. I've given up many of my ideas (I guess as other people in my group did), but that's for good, because we should create something, we can all enjoy.
Our ideas about the thriller we could do

our ideas about the opening we're going to do.
Ok, so once we picked our idea, we developed it and thought about how we can actually make this, we already know how it will start. And other things that will happen, they're not in order however (not just yet!). We also know how the credits will appear on the screen. We decided our thriller will be a narrative opening.

So now, that we have some ideas in our head we need to get ready for The Pitch. We still need to think about:
  • title
  • location and location shots
  • props, costumes + Mise en Scene
  • sound
  • risk assessment
  • storyboard and animatic including titles

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