Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Intertexuality means that a similarity in certain films. There are scenarios or aspects seen in one film than another. This would bring a highlight to the film and most of the time its the "best bits". Things like music (sound) or the camera angles or the mise en scene these would be seen on other films that were successful. Films like Psycho which that was directed by Alfred Hitchcock were later seen in other movie but they weren't entirely the same but there was things that were related.

Like what lies beneath uses the same sense of filing when the actor Carry's a female actor in to a bath which the film was created in 2000 the film psycho in 1960. 
Also, the stepfather which was released recent as 2009 and it had the exact idea of went the stepfather chases the widow around the house into the bathroom which he smashes the door open and she stabbed him in the neck he then slips and falls into the bath creating the scene from psycho.

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