Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Planning and Editing- JELLY BABIES

So today we had to make a story and plan it... this time, instead of writing it down on a story board, we used  j e l l y   b a b i e s !!

It was really fun, we could get different shots and make the scene, go crazy with it (well, not too crazy because we're going to be filming it next lesson!). It was hard to get some shots, such as close up because the camera would go out of focus and we couldn't take too much close ups. BUT we've taken few long shots, over the shoulder, two shots and so on.

We took many pictures and then unloaded them on Final Cut Pro, to place them in order and colmplete a story. We could even add sound it it, but we've run out of time.

Placing the pictures on story line was easy, because we didn't have to cut the clips and place them in the right order and right place. We just chose our best shots, and then placed them on the time line, so I quite enjoyed that.

I'm also really excited about filming and Im looking forward to it.

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