Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Opening Stracture

Movie openings are devides into specific stractures.

1. A NARRATIVE OPENING with titles running through, where the narrative (the story) starts straight from the beging. We get to know what happens, we might know the characters and setting. Over this, we have title sequence running through. Classic opening usually have a narrative openings, for example The Panic Room.

2. A DISCRETE TITLE SEQUENCE, where we have seperate title sequence and opening, so in other words: the opening in not part of the story. It should still link to what the movie will be about by giving us hints and clues,introducing the movie and its theme. But still, it's not part of the narrative. For example Seven is considered as most effective opening. It creates sense of mission, murder, mystery and precison. The music is creepy with strong beat and is very unsetteling. This is the opening:

3. TITLES OVER A BLANK SCREEN, FOLLOWED BY NARRATIVE OPENING. So really, it's just screen with titles and then the narrative starts. Persinally I don't think these are very effective in a thriller movie, because they don't create tension. Also, in different movies where the titles run for so long I sometimes get bored, because I just want to watch the movie.

4. There is also another group called STYLIZED EDITING, where everyting depends on the editing, usually about speed ups/downs. I think this metchod is usually used in action and crime movies.
Example: Taking of Pelham 1 2 3.

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