Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Creative Filmmaking for the creatively challenged.

I just red the article called Creative Filmmaking For The Creatively Challenged by M. Ramey, and I found it useful as it gives many tips. This is the "list of ingredients that will make your films creative":

First of all, the rule is :
No person in a hoodie in the college corridor, running after someone else captured in a long shot.
  • We need to think about the genre of the movie we're making. Thriller... so we probably should consider: lighting (low key, high contast), camera angles, and shots: close-ups and jump cuts.

  • Remember about 180 degree rule, keeping the camera on one side, otherwise it will get the audience confused as they will not know who's talking to who, and what direction are the characters looking. Here's a quick tutorial:

  • We might try to challange some basic rules such as: instead on knife and gun as a killing tool, try to use something different such us pencil or bags. Or even instead of having fast-paced and non-digetic, try to use calm music. It may turn out to be really succesfull.

1. Script: for a 2 min movie, we shouldn't have very long script (at least one page). Try to avoid overlong dialogue... it will make the movie boring to watch for the audience.

2.Storyboard: Once we know our story, we can try to figure out how we can show it. "This allows the director and the crew to now start planning the actual film-shoot, as well as looking ahead to the editing.

3. Mise-en-Scene: key props such as clothing, setting. It really does make a difference when watching a movie, unneeded probls will make the movie unproffesional. Avoid that!

"Uncreative work is invariably unplanned!"

The story can be taken from our personal experiences, it can make the the filming easier as we know what we want to get. But that's just the back up plan... When it comes to actors, it'll be helpful if we used drama students who are keen to act in front of the camera. It will also make the film more prossesional. 

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