Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Adding Sound

So last lesson we worked on Final Cut Pro and added sound. We didn't finish, we need to add few more sound effects and mute some of it or turn the volume down, add fade in and out and maybe add some writing. So.. still a lot to do, we'll blog our film soon!

Last lesson we've added sound but we had problem with the Mac, so it took time. So far we used:
    Turning down or up parts of the soundtrack
  • footseteps
  • heartbeat
  • doors opening
  • doors squek
  • doors shutting
  • telephone ring
  • non digetic music (Two types of music).

I also learned how to turn the volume of the sound (usually music) down and up, for example we had a music playing, and then the dialogue started. We still wanted the music to play, but we couldn't hear what the characters are saying. So we learned how to make the music play lound, and then turn it down so it plays on the background.
This is the screen
I also learned how to mute the orginal sound from the video, or even mute some bits. For example we had someone saying "Should I stop this now?", we didn't want to mute the whole thing, just the little bit and we know how to do this! 

There are milions of soundtracks + effects on the Final Cut Pro, and I think looking for the right one takes the most time. I found adding sound much more interesting than the editing, and I enjoyed it more.

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