Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Serif Font- traditional, more formal. A serif is the extra little detail at the endo of each stroke of every letter.

Sans Serif Fonts- modern, informal, 'friendly'. Without extra details.

ROCKY used sans serif font. The letters are big, bold and in black. It fills the page in, the writing on the top. This links to the theme of the movie, as the writing itselef connotes something strong (in reference to the fighter).

Public Enemies.
the font and colour (gray/metallic) looks very solid, immovable, masculine and strong. Again, linking to the theme of the movie. Michael Mann, a designer of the font, says that holes in "B" look like a bullet holes. In order to create a font for the movie set arounds '30s, he looked at posters for Roosevelt's New Deal. (good idea to look for inspiration)

"Fonts Conver an emotion without actually having to say the words"

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