Tuesday, 1 February 2011


When producing our own movie, we have to consider the audience we'll aim our movie at, this way it's easier to figure out what out what their interests might be and what they're likely to watch. About 700 movies were released in 2010 (every website says someting different). Out of 700, about 50 suspense movies were released.
 Action, animation and comedy takes up about 52% of the box office in the UK. This is because these genres appeal accross different age and genders. Similarry to as animation, where it primarly aimed at children, who are likely to watch the movie with their parents. Also there are many adults who still like animation. (Good for them!)

This table shows, that female are more likely to watch romance and period (male are not interested in happy endings and movie-love), rather than male, who prefer action and sci-fi.(Female aren't interestes in robots, aliens and crime). Comedy, horror and suspense are likely to be seen by both genders. (wide viewership).

Some thrillers take up quite a low proportion of UK box office (4% in 2009). This may be because that many thirller movies are rated +18.

For making my own film, I'm considering rating it +15, through this it will be seen my more people.

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