Sunday, 6 February 2011

Jelly Babies- Filming


Making of the POV shot
 We finally got to film our jelly babies story. It turned out we went too crazy with our story, as we needed more people than we had in our group, so it was immposible to film. Our teacher told us to come up with another story, so we did. At first we only had two people to film so it was very hard to do anything, but we did what we could and when 3rd person came in we finished filming. In the meantime, we planned EVERYTHING we need to do, every shot and every angle, so our filming was really quick- we just looked at the sheet and we had everything written down. It was very helpful. I must say that filming is my favourite thing, I really enjoy it! 

editing a match cut

So, we edited our piece and FINISHED ON TIME! Which we always seem to stuggle with. We used so many different shots and angles. It was very fun thing to do, we also needed to have a match cut of doors opening in our film, I also think we did that well. Editing is my weakest area, I always get confused with the clips and where to cut something in the right time.

Next lesson, we will add sound and maybe some writing to our film. Can't wait to see the outcome!

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