Friday, 4 February 2011

The Art of the Title sequence

This the title sequence of Edward Sissor hands

The title sequence includes the actual title, the stars of the film, the person who created the cast, production designer, the person who created the screenplay and the director. 

Looking at the title sequence it uses Serif fonts, which suggests an olden day theme, or even something that's part of the film is left behind in the old days and everything else has moved on. Also the colour of the font is all white, shows a kind of dullness and matches the snow that's falling in the background.

The images behind the titles are kind of suggestions of what the story may hold, and also what kind  of atmosphere it might be in. Also the colour of the images, are like a white and blue, they are like cold colours, so it kind of suggests that its not going to be such a "la-di-da" kind of film. The images consists of scissors, different shapes biscuts, an old man, and a sort of robot body. Not such lovely pictures.

Its got like close ups of the images.

What makes it appealing to me is the simple style of the font and simple everyday objects being magnified as something weird.

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