Monday, 21 March 2011

Second part of the Editing!!

In today's lesson we went straight to the editing suit to get on with what we needed to do with the clips we had filmed. During the beginning of the lesson me and Ada panicked because the main editing guy (Abde) wasnt there to rescue us from our editing issues!! But luckily he came in after 10-15 minutes into the lesson!!

So we got down to the editing.. we had some trouble using the live type , but then one of the technicians came down and helped us out! while abde was doing the editing me and Ada were thinking of names that we could put during the title sequence..

 Because we were having an answering machine being used within one of the scenes we had to record a message! so we went to a small room that was quiet and recorded mine and abde's voice saying the lines of "hi no ones here to answer, please a message!" because we wanted the effect of the household seeming a loving type.. we added our own touch to it, for example at the end of what i said, i asked Abde weather the recording was finished or not as part of the recording of the answering machine , and so Abde was stuttering to show its  realistic!                                                                                                                                                       

This is Abde editing the clips

This live type

This is final cut pro

recording our voices

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