Thursday, 24 March 2011


Today was very long and exhausting as we thank god finished editing and done titles and sound. We thought to make more effiecent so we split the group up so i done the title and Ada fahmida went to do sound using soundtrack. They did a good job finding various sound tracks and we thought to get higher marks we might need to make our own.

Title sequence, making our title sequence using live type i spent a lot of time trying to use appropriate fonts or animation. With help from my group we done it in the given time and i jumped in to help in sound. We used a normal title sequence and various made up names to asighn to each job however we kept the original names from my group members.

moving on to sound we used a main track and created around it using the default soundtrack given sounds. For example pouring the poison into the pot as we didn't use the original sound. Also we made the dialogue sound after the editing because we didn't like the original we didn't seem to hear it properly and thought it was not up to our standard.

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