Thursday, 31 March 2011


Well our film is a thriller and within that genre there is just a whole load of typical conventions. Within our film we have used some conventional codes from a thriller movie however not exactly to the full extent.

Looking at this screenshot of one of the titles appearing on the kitchen desk. We had the titles over an action that the female character was doing. We did this because a few of the thriller opening we have seen do the very same, this is done in the opening of the film 'Seven'. Its effective because its a typical way of starting an opening therefore we felt confident in using this technique.   
 We also used the lighting the way almost every thriller movie does, shadow darkness and etc. obviously we used this technique so we can present the tension and suspense rising within the opening. the lighting i feel is only effective to an extent, its the things that happen really gets the opening going, the lighting just get the audience prepared.                                         

 Here within the Mis-en-scene, the props we use are really effective, we have the use of binary oppositions with the milk and the bleach, mixed! we did that because we wanted to present the ordinary with something murderous.
 Before we started filming we were told many times that normally in a students opening there are not enough close ups. So here is an extreme close up of the bleach. We did this so we can show the audience that there is a dangerous product being used.
 The location here is to show the innocent male character not being aware of whats happening at home. We did this because in most thriller films we see the victim being completely unaware of whats going to happen, so we decided to have this technique. This is something conventional within a thriller, the victims unawareness.
Again the Mis-en-scene, the props used here: rat poison and sugar, binary oppositions. I dint think this is something you see typically in a thriller movie, however i do think its conventional, the whole idea of it is a way of developing more into the story.
Extreme close ups are one of the things that were stressed on alot. These close ups emphasize on the characters facial expression or an object either to show how dangerous it is or what emotion is being expressed from the character. We tried to give out hints to the audience by using this extreme close up to what might  be coming next. Its similar to the close ups in the film 'Seven' of the hands, trying to hint things out but not fuly giving evrything away. 
Ok this is where we decided that the idea of a split screen would give the audience what each character is doing while the conversation is happening. We thought that we shoudl give the audience an idea where each character is. 


The film 'Seven' has extream close ups on the hands of the character, same to what we have done but with close ups on the characters eyes. Also there are shots of the props used within the title sequencehowevevr with extream close ups, again similar to what we have done. Another thing is titles, they are over the rolling film exactly what we have done. So overall we have used conventional codes for a thriller, we've also developed our story howevevr only to give out a few hints of what might happen during the film, whats different with the title sequence of 'Seven'; is that its not exactly straigh foward however an audience can work out what might be happening.

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