Thursday, 24 March 2011

meeting th deadline (stressful times!)

Well... I officially can say: OUR THRILLER OPENING IS DONE !!!!
title that appears at the end
Today, we spend about 5h adding sound and titles. I must say-it was stressful. I had moments where I felt like giving up but we worked our way through and finished it, and when I watched it I felt proud. To manage our time, me and Fahmida were incharded of music and Abde did editing and titles.

Using with the SoundTrack Pro

With music... well, we didn't MAKE our own one, although we tried. We found good example on youtube, which we really liked and were deprerate to use it. Technician helped us to convert it and we could upload the song into out movie. It was not copy righted, and the artist said that people can use his work as long as they credit him, so we did and our music was made by Dilan Sripek (bless him for making amazing piece of music that perfectly suits our opening). We added some parts such as digetic sound and some effects as well.

When it comes to tiles... I wasn't incharded of it, and to be honest I imagined them as something else, but still... Abde did a pretty good job.

I can't wait to see the movie on the big screen and only today it hit me that we've done a good job!

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