Monday, 21 March 2011

editing, editing, editing

title sequence + names
Today we finished editing !!! And we moved on to adding titles,
as we want it to appear "in the movie". We've also written down what titlel we will have and we decided to go with classic opening sequence. We've also made up names that will go with it, it was the funny part!

livetype timeline
Using LiveType seemes a bit hard, but as we looked at different examples and so on, we got into how it works and with time we could easily find what we were looking for.

Fahmida laughing at the microphone

We also recorded voice machine message. We used microphone from the camera to do this, we went into small and QUIET room. We also recorded the part where husband speaks, we thought it would sound better if it was re-recorded. (The quality would be better).
For now; me and Fahmida are incharded of sound and Abde's doing the editig (well, adding titles).

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