Thursday, 24 March 2011


Not really quick.
During our first editing we looked at a couple shots and they didn't work out either a bit dark or the wrong shots. We had to arrange another day with Ada to see when the house was free. Fahmida wrote down all the scenes or shots we had to redo after repeating of the film we came with a conclusion to film on Thursday 17th. Even though we all had a lesson that day we confirmed with Annabel that we will not attend the lesson so we can go straight to Ada's house to film. the day before Ada and fahmida got the camera tripod and informed me of it. Fahmida asked to me to meet her in Finsbury Park and then head to Ada's house. We started filming all the shots and we discovered some problems : we found that we haven't got the milk bottle from before so i had to run to the store with Fahmida to get the milk. After shooting everything, me and Fahmida went to back to college to return the equipment back.

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