Thursday, 24 March 2011


Today was absolutely hectic!! Everyone rushing to do last minute touches to their editing and all that stuff!!! For me and my group we were stressed! honestly we didn't think we;d be able to finish by today!! We didn't sort out the music and we took way to long in the editing!! But thanks to Abde and his magic editing skill we managed to sort it out!  We had a few difficulties getting all the editing things together like the live type stuff onto final cut.... but we managed to get hold of the technicians to help us with that!!!!

The most stressful part was the music!! We had decided to take a clip from YouTube and convert it and stick it onto our film, but we then found out that we could only do that if the track wasn't a copy right!! arrgh!! what to do... !! So me and Ada started to panic.. we didn't sort out any music... the next thing we had coming our way was Annabell telling us that we would lose marks on using a ready made tune for our film whereas by making one we would get more marks. So we decided to combine both the track from YouTube and a few sounds of our own made by sound track.

We spent our entire lunch sorting this out.. and we managed to finish it!! I think!! We had a few quarrels over the sound track managed to sort it out as always!
The editing of the sound
Sound track
Abde editing
Ada'z smile for hope
Editing sound

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