Thursday, 17 March 2011

editing (still)

Well... I can't say we have a ROUGH CUT, I'd say we have a ROUGH, ROUGH, ROUGH CUT !! :) We have the foundation of the editing, we will take bits out what we'll soon redo, we placed them there just to see what it will look like and I must say that I was suprised that it actually all makes sense. While watching I could tell what's happening and I was really pround of that. I think I got that feeling because we filmed parts of it seperately, and it wasn'r continious. So it was good to see it this way.

We'll soon have to redo some of the parts, we've written down everything we need to redo and how to do I'm looking forward to film, it will be our last filming for AS Media :'(     (at least I think so).

While editing, we learned how to do a split screen. I know that you have to resize the image to the size you want it and place it wherever you want, but we went with the simple one where both shots are next to each other in about the same size as it looks more professional.
this is our timeline !

Our go at using Live Type

doing split screen

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