Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Question 2

Real actors was not an option i don't think it was either suggested, so instead we had to use of what we were given we are media students selected randomly put together. We had fill the shoes of an adult and a married couple i wouldn't say it was hard but we lacked the experience. The way we played this roles are through our stereotypes of the gender of each adult.

so for example it would suit married men as the would fantasize there wife would be a normal housewife. This is seen in Black widow wheres the wife is at home doing the cleaning, choking and washing. The story could relate to olden films that stereotype wife's being at home with their clothes (uniform) apron slippers and dress also the husband comment when he gets home "honey I'm home" also fits the stereotype. This is from a movie called perfect housewife (i think it is also an independent film).

 The shots taken from Black widow is the character (widow) looking out the window as if she is trapped this can be compared to the film above stereotype wise that the wife's stay at home seems like prison. The M.E.S also can be compared to the film where the widow has an apron, slippers and dress.

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