Friday, 8 April 2011


Overall, we've learned how to:

  • work in a group. 

  • use camera, we've improved our shots. They're more stable, straight and much more prossefional :

also to use focus:

comparing to where the small detail was in full focus:

  • use sound 
the first piece we made only had two sounds, which didn't really fit with the film. 

comparing to where we used digetic sounds, as well as non digetic music which created tension.

  • our editing (split screen screen)

  • plan and organise our work. 

  • titles
comparing to:

First of all working in a group was something that has improved on a large scale. we managed to share and take in ideas, which we then commented on in an appropriate way.

Our camera skills have improved majorly, form not knowing how to use a camera all the way to making a thriller opening. Our skills on getting shots like the close up and extreme close ups into action has really improved. 

Learning how to use the apple mac computers was hard, and using the mac softwares that help edit our films was extremely difficult. But we managed to over come that problem and got used to it.

Blogging was a major issue, we had to get into the hang of, and regularly post things on the wall, but again we managed to get into the habit of it. 

When we did the first perliminary we had a lot of problems. The lighting was really bad we had too much shadow, compare that to our final it was much better. However we did have soem darkness but to give the sense of fear. Another problem we had with the perliminary was the focus. when we were filming the cards, it wasn't clear. With the thriller we had no problems.  

The perliminary had no titles because we didn't have enough time to do that, but with the thriller we had all the titles rolling. Talking of timing, with the perliminary we had a lot of problem with organising our time. we ended up filming one shot too many times. However with the actual filming of the thriller we were organised and took on responsabilities of how long we would spend on a scene 

Another problem we had was the sound, with the perliminary we had a lot of background nose, and we didn't know how to get rid of that. whereas with the thriller we used final cut pro to get that sorted.

Finally the best thing about this whole project is the fact that we got our ideas into reality, and it was us students that did it!!!!!!

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