Monday, 4 April 2011


We couldn't use real actors, we only had people in our group so we ended up with a teenager being an adult in the movie. However we represented practicular social group based on the stereotypes.

  • women: when the movie starts, the camera's tilting upwards and we see whan she's wearing. Part of Mise en Scene is costume, we thought about it carefully. Our character in wearing slippers, apron, dress... all of these are examples of what a houswife would wear at home.
(shots taken while camera tilts upwards)

  •  Before doing anything we represented women as the ones who are doing something, such as typical house work thing. The wife is cleaning the table (we added subtitles later on). This represents wousewifes as the ones who clean. The OVS shot and high angle clearly show us what the housewife is doing, and we're looking at her from the top, in a way it also gives her lowe status.

There are many thrillers which represent women in a similar way for example Psycho:

There's a mid shot on a woman doing something, we see what she's wearing. Both women (in Psycho and Black Widow) look neat, which represents them as taking care of the way they appear. Unlike in Psycho, we decided to put more attention to what the wife is wearing, as it is very important in the opening as the characters are introduced, and practicular social gropus are represented.

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