Tuesday, 5 April 2011


We, as a sixth form college students have created piece of a low budged, indepentent movie. There's no way we can place our thriller into the real, cinema world. However, I think there are many things we can do, to distrubute our movie and address and attract our target audience.

  • Social Networking. Today,  almost everyone uses social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube, blogs and so on. We could advertise our movie by creating posters, which we will upload on our sites and send to friends and post, this way it can be seen my more and more people. We could also create trailer, which we again can post on Youtube, and can be seen my more people. We can create a page on facebook, similary to "London Shots Film Festival" (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7842147031) , giving all the details and updated about our movie. We can also create a channel on youtube, where we can post our thriller, opening and updates about thriller.

I've found a good example of indepentend movie, called "My Name Is Jerry". There's a channel on Youtube (, with the trailer, special scenes and so on. They have a video of the actor talking about movie, encougaring audience to watch it. (http://www.youtube.com/user/MyNameIsJerryMovie)

They also have a special way of advertising it. There's a little competition going on; audience should watch trailer or even the movie on DVD, they should film themselves acting, dressing and speaking the way Jerry does. Then upload the clip on youtube, and advertise their clip: via facebook, twitter, emial and so on.The winning number of views wins the contest and gets the prize. This is a good way of having fun, and brining audience into advertising the movie. We could do comething similar.

  • Film Festivals

Another example I found is a university student, making short films. http://www.youtube.com/user/RadekBNU). These movies have won many awards in film festivals, such as "Best Short Film". They're screened in film festivals, and this way get the attention of audience interested in indepentend movies. The movies are uploaded on youtube, because they're short it can fit it two parts, there's also trailers for each movie. We could do the same, either post the movie or first few minutes. We can also arrange film festivals, such as London Independent Film Festival, London Short Film Festivals.  

  • Another good way could be screening the film in the cinema, we could rent one for one screening, invite family and friends to enjoy. We could advertise the event by social networking, posters in school and so on. If this idea fails due to problems wint renting the cinema, we could talk to college stuff if we could screen the movie in college, with people who are interested in it. More than that, we could screen more student movies, so we'll end up with "movie session".

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