Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Q4+5 How will you attract audience

The way we will attract our audiences to consider our different audience interest for example majority of teens these days join a social networking site, our older audience we would suggests large events.
We have to think BIG there is no point struggling making the film and aim for example only a site called vimeo however we would also think of using vimeo as we would try to catch every ones attention.

Social Networking sites:
Social networking sites are very affective towards publishing, so this was also our first idea because everyone in our age group has joined some what a social networking site. The large audience means more support which would lead to larger audience. Site like YouTube are also very affective as you can make a partnership with YouTube to promote your film and lead to a greater audience also in YouTube you can choose to create your own channel and allow viewers to watch your trailer or promotion video.

In class we found in YouTube a channel dedicated to an independent film called "My name is Jerry". The film had more attention then expected even though it was made by university students.


Events like film festival's which we also discoverd in class has a big role for the independent films.
What we could is get a whole lot of students with their films and make a big event that would benefit a lot of people including the students. This would help a lot in advertisement sector which we can include in magazines newspapers bus stops etc. The film festival have a lot of attention so this great enjoyment also for the people who are interested in independent films.

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