Thursday, 7 April 2011


This short film is a by some university students called 'Picnic'. This was uploaded onto YouTube about 2 years ago, and has had quiet some attention. 

You can tell this film is on a low budget and so they have gained their attention to their short film with the use for YouTube, their production company is probably themselves. They've created an account on YouTube, like a blog and have advertised their short film on this, theres a little bit about the group that have made the short the film as well, also there are other small films as well.  

They haven't really used a variety of things that can help promote their short film.  

Me and my group being part of a sixth and made out opening with the college, we are a low budget student video therefore it will be released on vimeo, it is also embedded on our blogs. It will also be showed in a cinema with otehr college peers watching, and it will also be released on DVD.

If me and my group wanted to go further with the disrtubuting of the film then we can use options like social networking sites.

We can promote our film on sites like facebook, twitter, bebo etc. Due to our film being certified at 15 and above alot of people on these sites are 15 and above, so there is a more wider chance of people seeing the film being advertised. 

Another way we can promote our film is events such as the film festivals.

Going to events like this or being invited to events like this gives us the chance for our film to be seen by big production and distributors. Because we are students we wouldn't have so much money to pay for big named distributors. 

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