Friday, 1 April 2011

Q1: In what ways dies your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products

For this question it would be reasonable to compare our film with THE STEPFATHER.
 Black Widow - The Stepfather
   First comparison

The first comparison i would make would be the production of each. Black widow on the left is set on the husbands work place where's the stepfather is set at the house which he caused all of the murders. We can see similarities on both scenes we see that the both are establishing shots and first shots off the both film.

Second comparison

The stepfather starts with pan of the items you would expect to see as they are men's item we are not surprised at first as we know these item are related to the title stepfather. However, the slow music that suggest that its not what its seems we later find out these are tools that are associate with the crime. This is similar to the "HARMFUL" poison on Black the Widow because the poison is associated with the crime that might happen.
Third comparison
Extra close up on the widow in Black Widow is seems she can see through us which is scary as it looks like its interactive similar to The stepfather where the character off the stepfather looks straight at the camera as it seems he knows we are there. The similarities of this shots also shows the two criminals which cause harm to there love ones.   
Forth comparison
The shot were in The stepfather there is pictures of the family seems to be very close and happy as all the characters in the pictures are all smiling meaning he are happy and full of joy were are confused and see that they seem such a close family. Here is similarities in Black widow where the widow is playing with here weeding ring at this point we are thinking they are happily married but we are proved rong later.

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